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Dental Implants

Benefits of Dental Implants

A dental implant is a small post, usually made of titanium, that serves as a substitute for the root of the tooth. It is surgically placed in the jawbone and allowed to heal, before a dental crown or bridge is carefully attached. There are many advantages to this type of dental surgery. 


Dental implants can last for decades with proper care. Since they become part of the bone structure, they do not require replacement like dentures. Implants also help to prevent bone loss and preserve healthy jawbone tissue. They provide greater stability than dentures and bridges, making them more comfortable and less likely to slip out of place when speaking or eating. 


Implants look natural and allow you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. Unlike dentures, they cannot be taken out at night; instead they remain in place permanently. This makes eating and speaking easier and can help restore your natural smile. 


In addition, dental implants do not require alteration of adjacent healthy teeth, as is required for bridge placement. This makes the procedure less invasive than other types of dental surgery. 


Overall, dental implants offer many advantages over traditional dentures or bridges. They are strong, stable, and permanent; look natural; provide greater stability when speaking; and don't require alteration of surrounding teeth. All these benefits ensure a better quality of life for those with missing teeth.  Therefore it is no surprise that this type of dental surgery is becoming increasingly popular for replacing missing teeth.  If you think implant-supported tooth replacement may be right for you, contact your dentist to learn more about the procedure and how it can benefit you. 


If you would like to learn more about dental implants, contact Canyon County Oral Surgery. When you are in need of dental surgery, we can provide you with the friendly, high-quality care that you deserve. 

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